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Start Rolling Your Blunts: The Best Science Stories to Read When You’re High

Recreational cannabis use is legal in Canada starting today, so here’s some trippy science to celebrate with.
A person expanding their mental horizons on a background of marijuana and space imagery.​
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Science is all about expanding our idea of what’s possible and contemplating the unknown. This is also what getting high is good for, coincidentally, which is why science and cannabis have been best friends ever since Carl Sagan wrote an anonymous essay about smoking pot, and probably longer.

Here at Motherboard, exploring the fringes of knowledge is something that we’ve always done—nothing winds us up more than an explosive discovery, a mind-expanding fact, or an exploration of what we just don’t know.


And so, on this historic day of legalized recreational cannabis use across all of Canada, it’s a good thing you’ve found yourself here. Because friend, we’ve got the good shit to expand your consciousness with while you’re expanding your consciousness (if you know what I mean).

From black holes that eat your past and give you unlimited futures to the theory that our reality is a hologram, here are some of our favourite science stories to sink into a comfy couch with—and preferably with something to munch on, too.

OK, WTF Is a Time Crystal?

An Information Theory of Losing Consciousness

This Picture Has No Red Pixels—So Why Do the Strawberries Still Look Red?

Our Experience of Reality is a Bunch of Hallucinations We Collectively Agree On

There Is Growing Evidence That Our Universe Is a Giant Hologram

Craig Venter’s ‘Digital-to-Biological Converter’ Is Real

Some Black Holes Erase Your Past and Give You Unlimited Futures

Now We Know How Your Cells Get You High

You Are Part Extragalactic, Study Says

There’s an Ocean Deep Inside the Earth

Researchers Mind-Melded Three People to Collaboratively Play ‘Tetris’

How to Pick Music for People on LSD, From a Scientist Whose Job That Is

Watch This Slug Risk His Life to Smoke a Spliff

A Black Hole Has Been Shredding a Star Twice the Size of the Sun for 10 Years

AI Finally Works—We Just Don’t Know How

Asteroids Started Out as Space Mud, a New Theory Suggests

The Overview Effect (fiction)

By now you should be halfway to the astral plane, buoyed by some truly trippy science. If you want to go further, you can check out Motherboard’s feature-length documentary on all of the things scientists don’t know or understand, The Most Unknown, on Netflix. Good luck coming back down to Earth.

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