Monthly Horoscope: Virgo, September 2018

Monthly Horoscope: Virgo, September 2018

Happy birthday, Virgo!
illustrated by Nicole Ginelli
August 30, 2018, 8:29pm

Happy solar return, Virgo! We have left a summer of eclipses and retrogrades behind us, and I’m glad to say that while September is busy, it’s not as cosmically brutal as the last few months have been. The month opens on a lovely note as your ruling planet, Mercury, connects with sweet Venus on September 3, creating a socially chill energy and likely bringing you some juicy information or even some good luck around cash. You’ve been in a quiet mood when it comes to love and money, but that’s going to change soon, as Mercury will enter your sign on September 5, finding you eager to speak your mind (and feeling confident in doing so)!


Saturn retrograde ends on September 6, and there will be an atmosphere of seriousness in the air, even when it comes to things that are meant to be fun, like dating or creating art—you’re feeling like you need some discipline in your life! If you’ve been contending with any creative blocks, things may shift now; ditto regarding your love life.

Things get especially shaken up on September 7, when Mercury connects with Uranus, bringing some exciting surprises your way. But don't worry: Things won’t get too wild, since Saturn will also connect with Mercury to create an anchoring energy. My only warning is that the Sun will oppose Neptune on September 7, which could bring an uncomfortable, unsettled feeling, especially in your relationships. It’s very important that you don't get carried away with fantasies or paranoid ideas on this day. Keep things light! This isn't the day to make important commitments in your relationships, but it’s a fun time to chill with the people you enjoy spending time with—watch a movie (no conspiracy theories, aliens, or the occult, though, since that will be way too heavy), dance, or just have fun together. If you can do that, romance will be in the air and you could be whisked off your feet! Let yourself have fun, don’t put pressure on yourself, and most importantly, don't take anything too seriously and you'll be fine.

Passionate energy flows on September 8, when Venus clashes with Mars, so expect some fireworks then! But be sure to watch your bank account—a woozy energy may still be in the air from the day before, and when Venus and Mars square off, our wants feel very strong and can lead to big spending.


A new moon in your sign, Virgo, arrives on September 9—a fresh start is here! This is a wonderful moment to take time in nature to reconnect with your heart and emotions. You may feel a little in the dark about where things in your life are headed at this time, but that might be for the best. If you don't feel pressure to set goals based on what you think is expected of you, then perhaps you'll find space to dive deep within yourself, communicate with your own spirit and desire, and learn what you should really be focusing your time and energy on. People expect a lot from you, Virgo, but what do you expect from yourself?

Also during this new moon on September 9, seductive Venus enters sexy water sign Scorpio, illuminating the communication sector of your chart—flirty messages are sure to come your way! Even if you’re not looking for love right now, this is a beneficial time to get your point across in any of life's arenas, since you'll be especially charming and convincing!

Mars enters air sign Aquarius on September 10, revving up the sector of your chart that rules your daily work, chores, and your health and wellness habits. There has been a Mars retrograde for most of the summer—June 26 through August 27—so you’ve had quite some time over the last few weeks to think about where you want to be in your career, what you want your schedule to look like, and how you want to move forward when it comes to wellness. You rearranged a whole lot this summer, but now it's time to implement these changes and see how things work in practice.


The Sun connects with Jupiter and Pluto on September 11, finding you connecting with exciting people, having a deviously good time, and sharing all kinds of juicy information! Jupiter and Pluto connect on September 12—words like exclusive, VIP, and in-the-know come to mind! Perhaps you’ll be invited to a super-secret sex club? Or will the illuminati knock at your door? Maybe you’ll be invited onto a team of divers searching for buried treasure? Dream big, Virgo, because great shifts are easily accessed now.

Keep an eye out for these opportunities on September 15, when your ruling planet Mercury connects with Pluto, and September 16, when Mercury connects with Jupiter, sending thrilling invitations your way. (One hiccup in this otherwise stellar week might be September 13, when Mercury opposes Neptune and brings difficulties around communication and decision-making. If your secret society membership form comes in the mail, wait until another time to read the fine print; otherwise you'll inevitably miss something.)

Mars squares off with Uranus on September 18—something big, obnoxious, annoying, loud, and aggressive may take place, but it won't be something new; you’ve seen it before, perhaps around August 1. Whatever it may be, it’s happening now because it’s time for you to shift your perspective on something. While this is a totally frustrating bump in the road, it's come along to help you see things in a new light! The Sun meets Mercury on September 20, which means you'll be in a know-it-all mood that day, but hey, you're a Virgo and nothing gets past you, so maybe you really have earned the cred to be a know-it-all.

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Your mind turns to money on September 21, when Mercury enters Libra and lights up the sector of your chart that rules your finances (and your sense of self-worth). The autumnal equinox arrives soon after on September 22, with the Sun entering Libra, making this the time to focus on your budget and reflect on how you want to spend your time and energy—not just your cash. Watch out for arguments regarding these themes on September 23, when Mercury clashes with the planet of bad moods, Saturn. Fortunately, some easy energy will also flow on that day, thanks to Mercury and Mars smoothing things over at work or in your schedule—whatever you need to get done, you'll be able to manage.

The full moon in fiery Aries arrives on September 24, when you'll reach a passionate climax around a situation concerning one or more of your intimately-involved partnerships. This is a phenomenal time to work any magic around transformation and releasing the past—Aries is the sign of courage, so be bold, sweet Virgo, and leave the past behind and open yourself up to something new! You’re releasing so much emotional baggage during this full moon that you might find yourself feeling more exhausted than usual, so be gentle with yourself. Complex issues concerning money (like debts or inheritances) may also come to a head.

The Sun clashes with Saturn on September 25, creating a difficult and grumpy energy, but the vibe perks up on September 27, when the Sun and Mars connect to infuse us with vitality and strength. September ends with Pluto concluding its retrograde on September 30, stirring up intensity in your creative pursuits and your love life—this is exciting, but it might also feel overwhelming! Pluto is the lord of the underworld, and while its realm is dangerous, there are many riches to be found within Pluto—are you ready to take a risk? Good luck, Virgo, and see you in October!