Belgian TV Show Welcomes Hologram Eden Hazard to Studio

Belgium's captain made an appearance from 2,000 miles away after their defeat of Brazil last Friday. It was kinda creepy.
July 11, 2018, 3:21pm
Screenshot via La Une

Eden Hazard isn't dead—but his ghost certainly haunted a studio in Belgium from 2,000 miles away. The Belgian TV station La Une decided to treat its countrymen to a very futuristic vision of their dear captain after they defeated Brazil on Friday. So they beamed the man in from his locker room in Kazan, Russia:

Note that the hosts are even making eye contact with Hazard. Also, if this technology had been around more, maybe Hazard would have realized his whole body would be beamed into the studio. In which case, he might not have had a hand near his crotch the entire time. Because holograms that aren't touching their crotch are already spooky enough.

[h/t Cristian Nyari]