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Police Just Found $40K of Weed Hidden Inside Some Golf Bags

Putt, putt, pass.
Images via CBP

Recreational weed may be legal in nine states, but people are still routinely trying—and failing—to illegally sneak the stuff across the border into the US. Would-be smugglers have already built marijuana-shooting bazookas and cannabis catapults and brand-new cars stuffed with pot like weed Trojan horses, but now, it looks like some smugglers have started turning to Rodney Dangerfield for inspiration.


Texas Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents announced this week that they have seized around $40,000-worth of marijuana stashed inside some golf bags—complete with fake clubs to make it look realistic, the Houston Chronicle reports.

According to the Chronicle, Border Patrol agents in Brownsville, Texas, spotted some people in the Rio Grande river swimming from Texas into Mexico and decided to search the area. When they did, they uncovered some abandoned golf bags stashed on the river banks near a golf course, presumably waiting for some stateside member of the smuggling team dressed in terrible plaid clothing to pick them up.

The bags were filled with around 50 pounds of marijuana in total, packaged in bricks and ready to be sold. CBP believes that the plan was to have someone retrieve the stashed weed and slip into the golf course, where the smugglers could sneak the green onto the green and make a clean getaway. Apparently, the plan got lost in the rough or whatever.

There haven't been any arrests yet, but whoever masterminded this whole operation is probably pretty unhappy they're out $40,000, wherever they are. Sorry, would-be smugglers. Maybe next time you should think up a tactic that doesn't seem cribbed from a terrible Caddyshack reboot.

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