In Photos: Anti-Racism Rally Hits Downtown Auckland
All images: Todd Henry


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In Photos: Anti-Racism Rally Hits Downtown Auckland

Anti-racism protesters outnumbered their opponents around 100 to one.

Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux—the alt-right-linked, anti-multiculturalism, anti-Muslim speakers who had intended to carry out a speaking tour in New Zealand—were met instead by hundreds of counter-protesters, a canceled venue and a statement from the Prime Minister that their views were unwelcome.

In Aotea Square on Friday, several hundred anti-racism campaigners gathered to condemn the views of the pair. Molyneux and Southern's previous stunts include declaring "Allah is gay", attempting to prevent medical boats from rescuing refugees in the Mediterranean, and—according to one journalism live-tweeting the event last week in Australia—saying the nation "doesn't have a treaty with indigenous people because you couldn't because Aboriginal people were at the lowest rung of civilisation". They had less luck finding a platform for their perspectives in New Zealand, where their first venue of choice was called off by Council, and second choice, the Powerstation, was canceled last-minute by the owner.


We went along to the rally on Friday, which was arranged in response to the planned event. An estimated 500 people attended. One counter-protester turned up too, and shouted, "free speech," until he became hoarse and stopped.