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RCMP Blames Hip, New Show 'Sons of Anarchy' For Outlaw Biker Resurgence

We have five questions for our beloved national police force about this.
Photo via screenshot of Sons of Anarchy/FX. 

Well, the bikers are back in Nova Scotia and apparently they’re Sons of Anarchy fans.

That’s according to two RCMP officials in Nova Scotia who gave a presentation Monday to the Halifax Board of Police Commissioners about a growing outlaw biker problem. Don’t worry though, the RCMP know why—it’s the exploits of Jax, Tigg and the rest of the outlaw biker gang, reports the StarMetro Halifax .

“I can tell you that it’s growing, ever since the phenomenon of Sons of Anarchy,” Scott Morrison, a constable with the Nova Scotia Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit, told the board about the FX show, which aired from 2008 to 2014.


“Where that television show has seemed to almost socialize outlaw motorcycle gang life, more people want to join that life, think it’s a brotherhood, think the camaraderie is there, based on the television show, and they’re joining up.

“People look at that and they think, ‘Oh that’s an attractive lifestyle,” Mike Carter, a detective with the Criminal Intelligence Service of Nova Scotia, added. “They’re making money, riding their bikes, they’re doing this, they don’t have any problems with anyone,’ But there’s always … always another side of the coin, with the violence and the home invasions and all that other part of the lifestyle that’s not that attractive.”

Well, that brings us to some question I have for these officials. They are as follows:

The show ended four years ago, are wannabe bikers just catching up on the show on DVD since it’s not on Netflix Canada?
Sons of Anarchy was a big show for a quite a while, for sure, but it’s certainly been out of the public consciousness for a fair bit, especially since the last few seasons fell flat. So, are these guys just catching up on reruns on god knows what channel, or did they come across a DVD box set at a pawn shop or something?

Oh god, what if they find out and start binging the Sopranos next? Will we have to deploy the mob squad? Dear god, do we need to ban Peaky Blinders before the Newfoundlanders get ahold of it and start walking around with blades in their hats!!??!


Welcome to the Rock. Photo via the BBC.

Are you… are you sure this is how this stuff works?
I mean, you think that it’s because of a show that criminal organizations are back in your province? You don’t want to look at the lack of work in your province, drug use, or other factors that may cause a rise in organized criminal activity?

Were there any bikers before Sons of Anarchy?
What would be inspiring them? Actually, how did bikers ever happen without Sons of Anarchy inspiring them? We’re getting into a real chicken and the egg situation here… fuckin’ hell.

Did you even watch Sons of Anarchy, brah?
To be honest, I was never a fan of Sons of Anarchy but the one thing I do know about it comes from my friends who mainly talk about how everyone died. Like I heard rumblings of someone’s wife getting killed by his own mother, gang rapes, Marilyn Manson, and a daughter being burned alive. Isn’t the entire point of the show how being in this club totally fucked up their lives? Isn’t the sheer body count delivered by the show a deterrent? [Editor’s note: Yes, the point of the show was that the being in an outlaw biker gang is very bad for your health. Also, something about Hamlet.]

What did the RCMP think of Sons of Anarchy 's series finale?
OH Lo! When Jax sacrificed himself, Christ-like, to that Big Rig, did ye weep?

[Final entry was written by VICE Canada’s editor Josh Visser who doesn’t care about spoiling 4-year-old shows. Eat it nerds.]

The presentation is available here.

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