Family Poses Slain Teen's Body with PlayStation and Doritos at His Funeral

Renard Matthews's family wanted to remember the 18-year-old just as he lived.
July 10, 2018, 3:51pm
Image via WGNO

The family of a New Orleans teen tragically killed in a shooting last month wanted their loved one's funeral to honor him just the way he lived—so they had his body embalmed and posed it in a recliner with a PS4 controller in hand, WGNO reports.

Eighteen-year-old Renard Matthews was fatally shot while walking his dog on June 25. His mother, Temeka Matthews, told WGNO that her son was "a bit of a homebody" who loved the Boston Celtics, so she and the family decided on a non-traditional way of remembering him at last Sunday's wake.

Instead of a standard casket, the family positioned Matthews at the head of the room at Charbonnet Labat Glapion Funeral Home, seated in a chair in front of a TV playing NBA2K. The Celtics fan was dressed in sunglasses and a Kyrie Irving jersey with matching socks. Next to his chair, on an end table, the family lined up some of their son's favorite snacks—a bag of Doritos and root beer.

According to Yahoo, the Treme funeral home has hosted a variety of unusual funerals, like these so-called "extreme embalmings." Back in 2014, the funeral home reportedly put together a wake for a 53-year-old woman whose family asked for her to be posed at a table with a cigarette and beer. The funeral home has also "stood a deceased drummer from a grassroots band at a drum set" for a wake, an employee told Yahoo.

Matthews's wake is a surprising but loving tribute to the high school student whose life was cut short by the shooting. He is set to be laid to rest Tuesday at Interment Providence Memorial Park.

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