Mike WiLL, Kendrick, Rae Sremmurd, and Gucci Sip Sci-Fi Lean in the "Perfect Pint" Video

Let this be the antidote to all the bad stuff online that you've been inundated with lately.
May 31, 2017, 9:10am

These are trying times. A former reality TV star and current US president is driving up Google searches for "covfefe." The UK's prime minister is, for reasons that escape us, asking journalists and Conservative activists to imagine her opposition "alone and naked" in a negotiating room while she barrels through her election campaign. People in Sochi are strolling down the streets in blackface and Cameroonian football shirts in the leadup to a Confederations Cup match hosted in the city, where Cameroon will play Germany. Like I said, things are A Lot.


Then who swoops in to lift our spirits but the three-piece tag team of Rae Sremm, Kendrick, and Gucci, backed by Mike WILL Made-It? Thank fuck for that. On Tuesday night, they shared the visuals for Random 2 cut "Perfect Pint", which—lest your uncle get the wrong idea—is about cups spilling over with lean and not a trusty lager on draught. On a day like this, what the world really needs is the image of a CGI Gucci Mane head peeking through the visor of a spacesuit helmet as he raps about pinky rings and how much less lean he's drinking now he's a free man.

The Nabil-directed video fits in neatly next to his 2014 visuals for Nicki's "Lookin Ass," with its cold tones, gleaming metals and barren desert landscape. This time around Nabil's clearly opting for more warped humor. If you squint, you can just about see how the clip harks back to early Missy levels of futuristic magical realism, slipping metallic armour in along warped and exaggerated facial features and physical feats. And once you've seen Swae and Slim Jxmmi ride along a fantastical highway in a convertible driven by Mike WiLL, before somersaulting out and disappearing into quicksand, you'll get what I mean. Watch it above and use it to push past the news cycle nonsense.

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