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Daily Horoscope: February 12, 2016

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February 12, 2016, 8:00am
Illustration by Nicole Ginelli

The Moon makes plenty of moves today—but you'll have energy for it, since it's currently in Fire sign Aries. At 5:35 AM, the Moon connects with Saturn, creating an easy feeling around security. Things get intense at 8:02 AM when the Moon squares the lord of the underworld, Pluto, and we'll find ourselves making some unexpected decisions at 9:40 AM when the Moon meets Uranus. Helpful vibes will come at 8:10 PM when the Moon connects to the Sun, but hurt feelings could come at 10:15 PM when it squares Venus. The Moon is in Aries, one of the most resilient signs. You'll get through it! All times EST.


The Moon is in your sign today, Aries, and it's running into a lot of commotion in the heavens today. Expect to be busy! Tonight's a great night to socialize, but make it an early evening. Being responsible is how you'll be successful today.


The energy in the heavens is very active today, but with the Moon in Aries highlighting the part of your chart the rules rest and down time, you'll probably do your best today by working from home (alone).


A Gemini's favorite thing to do is socialize, and today you'll be doing a lot of it. Help comes from unexpected and faraway places later today, but things could get overwhelming this evening, so make it an early night.


You're in an aggressive mood today, which is unusual for you, Cancer! You're usually somewhere between warm and sweet or whiney and wimpy. Your partners are sensitive today, so be gentle with them.


The Moon is in fellow Fire sign Aries all day today, where it's sending you lots of good vibes. Unfortunately, you do not get a chance to be lazy today. Watch out for scheduling issues this evening.


Things you've been putting off for the last month will demand your attention today, Virgo! Get everything done before this evening—the vibe will be very emotionally intense, and you won't want to have any worries on your mind.


All day today, the Moon is in Aries, your opposite sign, where it's bringing your focus to your partnerships. Expect the people with whom you're in relationships to feel pulled in many directions today. Sweet messages do arrive, however.


You woke up this morning with a frustrating urge to accomplish as much as possible today. With the Moon in energetic Fire sign Aries, I'm sure you can do it! Just watch out for misunderstandings, especially around scheduling, tonight.


Today is splendid for communicating about romance or any creative projects you have going on, but some conflict about money could pop up. Don't get disheartened by a lack of funds— you're the sign of abundance, you'll find a way!


Your obstacles today will center around domestic issues, Capricorn. Settle that disagreement with your roomie, make up with your momma, or get that leak fixed— doing that will make the rest of your day way easier.


The Moon is in fun Fire sign Aries, and you're enjoying all the gossip and information that's coming your way. Make it an early night. The vibe does get grumpy later on— better to get cranky in your pajamas than while trying to hail a cab home.


Because you're so easygoing, Pisces, people are surprised to find out what a warrior you are when it comes to handling financial issues—and today there are plenty of issues to handle on the material front.

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