Laugh Your Ass Off In This Ghost Chicken Detective Game

'Chook and Sosig' is the Sam and Max' style game you didn't even know you wanted.
All images courtesy of Tookipalooki

Chook and Sosig opens with the player being introduced to Chook, a chicken who is both a ghost and also the only voice of reason in the entire world, and it just keeps on trucking from that position.

True comedy games are few and far between. While the Double Fine catalog is good for a chuckle, the vast majority of humor in games comes from some reference to either another joke or some kind of gaming knowledge, whether it's the Bridge of Death guy in Fallout 2 or basically every joke about big strong men in Bulletstorm. For the most part, games have gotten a pass for this.

Chook and Sosig, the first game in a short series by Tookipalooki, is just the right mix of original humor and familiarity to make me smile. Crucially, like the Sam and Max games, the game isn't trying too hard. There isn't any moment where I'm supposed to guffaw, and the game never slows down to make sure that I'm getting the jokes. Instead, the humor is all in the pacing and the characters: the ghostly animal head on the wall loves to ride in the cart at the grocery store; Chook curses sometimes.

Chook and Sosig a wonderful, short visual novel with a couple sequels. They're funny, and we need more games like them.

You can download it here for Windows and Mac.