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This Week In Quotes: 'There's Really No Coming Back from That'

Behold: a hodgepodge of things people said to us this week.
Image by Hillary Fox via Stocksy

"For me to identify with witchcraft is to identify with a centuries-old struggle against patriarchy."

Trans tattoo artist Noel'le Longhaul on identifying as a witch.

"Most men need to be told very specifically and sometimes repeatedly what their partner's needs are before they get it."

– Dr. Tony Ferretti, a sex, relationship, and narcissism expert on figuring out your [intimacy problems](Dr. Tony Ferretti is a sex, relationship, and narcissism expert).

"He got a notification that I viewed his profile 22 days in a row. There's really no coming back from that."

–Sally, on an epic cyberstalking fail.


"Do whatever it takes to survive. Just don't be mean."

–Kate Bornstien, trans icon and ex-Scientology leader, in our latest episode of Broadly Meets.

"We're here to make sure people know that there's not this magical sudden unity behind Hillary that the DNC wants everyone to think there is."

–Angie Aker, Bernie delegate and "most hated woman on the DNC floor", on the purpose of her political protests.

"There wasn't really a coming out. When we would have kinky sex, it would be like, 'Hey, let's do this or that.' It organically happened. I wasn't like, 'I gotta tell you something very important: I cross-dress. Do you still love me?'"

–Rose, an attendee at "Sissy Night," a unique BDSM event in San Francisco, on cross-dressing with his wife.

"We may have the largest and geekiest toy collection in the galaxy."

–Geeky Sex Toys owners Emma and Josh on their "Pokemoan" collection.