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Monthly Horoscope: Sagittarius, July 2019

Welcome to Cancer season, dear centaur!

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Happy-go-lucky Sagittarius, you're usually the list of the party, but not always—in fact, sometimes you don't even show up! July opens with the sun in moody water sign Cancer, urging you to take a step back from your busy routine to deeply examine your emotional state. Cancer isn't a sign that's known for letting go of the past, but that's precisely what you are called to do right now. You have exciting trips and lucky opportunities on the way, especially as Mars enters fellow fire sign Leo on July 1, but you have emotional baggage to drop off before you can move forward and continue doing what you love: partying, exploring the world, and expanding your mind.


The energy is especially sensitive on July 2 thanks to the solar eclipse in Cancer. On one hand, this is a profoundly powerful time for manifestation (think vision boarding or prayer), but on the other, this is not the ideal time for spell work or trying to bend things to your will. It's not so much about going with the flow as it is about surrendering. Change has arrived—it's emotional, messy, exhausting, real, and necessary. Issues concerning debts, taxes, inheritances, and shared resources are especially sensitive right now.

  • Some alone time at the spa can give you the time to get some much-needed relaxation, remove yourself from the everyday bustle, and reflect on emotions.
  • Cleansing the energy in your home is a wonderful way to reground yourself in your most private space.
  • Letting go of emotional baggage isn’t easy, but this book by Marie Kondo (in Manga form!) can be your guide.
  • It’s a powerful time to get started on a vision board for your future plans.

Eclipses remove us from the path we're on if it's not right for us, and this process can leave us feeling afraid of change and clinging to the past. But Sagittarius, is it like you to be afraid of adventure, of the unexplored? No! You're not exactly feeling connected to the side of yourself that's eager to take risks, schmooze, and socialize, but the part of yourself that knows deep down that change is good also knows that this moment is a necessary step toward reconnecting with yourself, feeling your emotions, and taking time away from the bustle of everyday life to heal and be transformed.


Love, beauty, and money planet Venus enters Cancer on July 3, suggesting that you will be in financial situations concerning others, like debts. Charming Venus will help you ask for any favors you need——just be wise about whatever you're getting into. Mercury retrograde begins in fellow fire sign Leo on July 7, and commitments, conversations, and ideas will be reconsidered. On the plus side, Venus in Cancer should bring some majorly sexy vibes your way, and profound opportunities to bond! Keep an eye out for people from your past—Mercury retrograde loves to have us running into exes. Also be mindful that Mercury retrograde is not an ideal time to sign contracts, travel, or make important purchases due to miscommunications and delays!

  • As you feel prompted to think about debts, taxes, and other money matters, brush up on the basics of how to do more than just scrape by in your personal finances.
  • When you want to break out of familiar surroundings, whether you’re going to a new neighborhood or to a new country, tap local experts to discover something new.
  • Reconnect with yourself spiritually with this oracle deck that helps your explore emotion and intuition through the energetic vibrations of color.

Venus connects with unruly Uranus in Taurus and Mercury retrograde meets action planet Mars in Leo on July 8, inspiring you to take a risk—which could mean cutting someone or something off. You're eager to travel and break out of your routine, but remember that Mercury retrograde does cause delays, so if you have to get out of your usual environment, visit a neighborhood you don't frequent enough—a low pressure way to adventure during a retrograde!


Serious questions about authority, responsibility, and discipline arrive, especially concerning finances, as the sun opposes Saturn in Capricorn on July 9. The sun connects with Neptune in Pisces, inspiring creativity, but watch out for unexpected temper flares or frustration around planning your schedule as Mars squares off with Uranus on July 11. Your daily routine will get a shake-up—you usually love having a random day off or a change in routine, but your stubborn side might make an appearance, especially on July 14th when the sun opposes Pluto, stirring up power struggles, especially concerning money and trust. Be on high alert for manipulation, shady behavior, and jealousy!

Anyone irresponsible with power will get a big wake-up call on July 16, thanks to the lunar eclipse in Capricorn. Eclipses are emotional and tiring, but one thing they're great for is changing up power dynamics. An important release takes place in your life during this eclipse—a situation that's been brewing in your finances, concerning your sense of self-worth, or in your intimate relationships comes to a powerful climax. You're learning what's real and what's fantasy. Secrets are revealed and you're seeing things in a whole new light. Truth is a theme that's very important to you, Sagittarius—can you handle it now that it has arrived?

Venus opposes Saturn on July 17 and connects with Neptune on July 18, finding you in a sensitive mood and nostalgic about the past as you consider important decisions concerning your commitments and future. Don't be too hard on yourself about the past—you've done the best you could. An atmosphere of rejection is in the air, and this isn't a great time to ask your crush on a date or push for a raise. Getting your way won't be easy, but this is an important time for you to reconnect with yourself spiritually and reflect on how you judge or punish yourself unfairly. One positive way to use this energy is to focus on your budget and rethink your spending.


Mercury reenters Cancer on its retrograde journey on July 19, asking you to reflect on the things you've been wanting to avoid, that you haven't known how to handle, or that you simply haven't had time to sit with—issues concerning money, intimacy, death, and grief. An intense situation about who takes ownership of something or concerning jealousy or possessiveness arrives on July 21 as Venus opposes Pluto. The energy is intense, and keeping clear boundaries is crucial at this time.

An important perspective arrives on July 21 as Mercury retrograde meets the sun—something you didn't understand suddenly becomes clear. This is an especially intense period for your relationships and your sex life. You're not totally clear on what you want because so much change is taking place, but this is a powerful time to release old patterns and realize that you've grown out of many of your past ideas of what makes in an ideal relationship. You're learning what the new you wants now, and you're learning what your partners have to offer you. An important lesson to learn is not only how to identify what you want, but how to identify when someone can't provide that for you. While you're not certain of everything just yet, you do still have limitations and needs that you're aware of, and you need to real about how others play into that based on their past words and actions. You're an idealist, dear centaur, but it's crucial you get realistic about this.

  • If you find yourself continuously falling into the same patterns and wondering if you’ve outgrown relationship drama, check out this book for some clarity on breakups.
  • Feeling motivated to learn something new? Continue your education by learning a new skill—maybe one that will come in handy in your travels!
  • Treat yourself to a glamorous necklace in gold or silver to represent your sun sign.

The sun enters fellow fire sign Leo on July 22—adventure comes your way, and the heaviness of this month begins to shift! Mercury retrograde meets Venus on July 24, inspiring a social energy and helping you connect with your partners about what's important. Mars links with Jupiter in Sagittarius on July 25, bringing a big boost in energy and inspiring you to travel and study—it's a great time for an excursion, Mercury retrograde aside. (You have to live your life! Just be wise about double checking your belongings and leaving room for delays.)

Venus enters Leo on July 27, bringing luck and messages of love your way. Venus in Leo is glamorous and luxurious—treat yourself to something special! The sun squares rebellious Uranus on July 29, bringing surprises to your schedule, so keep your plans flexible. An inventive new way to do something may arrive, so keep an open mind! The new moon in Leo lands on July 31, the same day Mercury retrograde ends, inspiring you to plan your next big journey abroad, encouraging you to study something exciting and inspiring, and reminding you to tap into your spiritual practice. Conversations finally begin to move forward, and the pace is picking up. The month ends on an optimistic note, even though you're not quite sure where you'll end up after all this change. It's OK—now is your time to figure it out; new moons are all about new beginnings, and seeds take time to grow. Good luck this month and see you in August, Sagittarius!