Toronto Billboards Christen Drake the 'Kale God'

Forget Champagne Papi. Jimmy Brooks has gone meatless, baby.
March 29, 2018, 5:44pm
Photo via Freshii

Drake has forsaken meat, if you haven’t heard. On a Twitch broadcast earlier this month, the rapper casually let it slip that he’d given up meat, while he also cryptically suggested that he’s gone full-blown vegan on Instagram. The admission put Champagne Papi in PETA’s good graces.

His hometown of Toronto’s pretty chuffed about the news, too, as evidenced by the billboards sprinkled across the city calling him “KALE GOD.”


They’re bare white billboards that portray the signature clasped prayer hands he may or may not have stolen from Meek Mill (?) and the image of a kale leaf. One has the words KALE GOD scribbled at the bottom in With My Woes typeface. "IF YOU'RE READING THIS GO TO FRESHII," another reads.

Photo via Freshii.

The billboards, as blogTO reported on Wednesday, are the work of Freshii, a fast-casual “health-food” chain who pulled out all the stops for this campaign. Hell, the company even created a custom URL for the campaign: Just hop on over to “Kale God dot com,” a landing page that contains an open letter to the rapper from the company’s Lead Nutritionist and “fellow meat-free Torontonian,” Andie Shapira.

"I know the transition takes some getting used to," she writes. "Nobody becomes a kale god overnight." Shapira follows this with a list of five conditions she feels the rapper should expect of this lifestyle, saturated with punny nods to his discography. ("Meatless options like tofu, beans, quinoa, hemp seeds and chia seeds will be the best protein powerhouses you've ever had.")

“We took out two billboards on the Gardiner Expressway and one by York Mills Rd. and Leslie near the Bridal Path where he’s building his new home,” a Freshii spokesperson confirmed to MUNCHIES over email on Thursday. “As a brand, we share the same hustle and voice [as Drake]."

The company claimed it decided to erect the billboards the minute it heard the rapper’s announcement he’d shirked meat, adding that Drake has yet to acknowledge the billboards. His representatives could not be reached for comment by MUNCHIES on Thursday.

No more jerk chicken for Jimmy Brooks, I guess!