SOPHIE's New "Faceshopping" Video Is Terrifying but You'll Love It Anyway

The electronic enigma gets her face melted and cut open in her latest one-of-a-kind clip.

SOPHIE's colourful, hyper-unreal visuals are impossible to divorce from the brute force, unclassifiable music she's been making over the past several months. Her latest, "Faceshopping," didn't have a video when it was released about two months ago, but said video is out now and if you thought the song was already abrasive, prepare to get your head diced open.

The self-directed clip is firmly in the strobing overload mode of "PONYBOY," with what looks like a rubber or CGI mock-up of SOPHIE's head disturbingly collapsing and warping while the song's lyrics and various pieces of internet ephemera flash onscreen, illustrating the themes of URL identity and the many facades we present online. Did you know there were extremely distorted vocals during that heavy drop? I didn't, so it's good that we have this, the most unsettling lyric video of all time, to tell us. No one else—save maybe Arca and other forward-thinking electronic musicians—is making music or music videos like this right now. Get your senses prepped and watch the "Faceshopping" video above.

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