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Father John Misty Memed His Album Leak So I Made Some FJM Memes

I mean, obviously.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
Image via PR

Yesterday, Father John Misty shared two new tracks from his upcoming record God's Favorite Customer, which is due out on 1 June. "Disappointing Diamonds Are the Rarest of Them All," and "Just Dumb Enough to Try" are lush love songs, and they mark a slight change of direction for John Tillman. I'm looking forward to hearing the rest. This is all your good, standard music news.

In recent months, I have warmed up substantially to FJM (honestly it is mostly because he made a gag about that really fucking made me laugh). And I think in general potential sceptics have made a bit of a U-turn on this man who looks like what craft beer would if it were a person, because he can take a joke – the most important quality of all. He may be a human vegan leather sandal, but he's our human vegan leather sandal, and we at Noisey are fond of him, despite, um, things we may have said to the contrary.


It's a universal truth, however, that to love is to roast, so when FJM made a meme about the fact that his record basically leaked, due to accidentally being uploaded to iTunes for a short period yesterday, we kind of couldn't resist.

First of all I wanna say: congrats to FJM for owning it and having a laugh. Secondly I wanna say: his press picture is actually a pretty good one to meme, so I thought of a couple times I too have pulled this "what the fuck am I doing?" face. All good roasts begin with a self-roast, don't they?

I get it Josh, I do.

But now let's move onto the main event. It's all you baby:

I'm sorry to reopen old wounds but anyone who doesn't agree that this was the greatest dunk of all time doesn't have a sense of humour.

Where is your vinyl-buying public now Josh??? That's right, they're off buying some shit that has a hologram.

IDK man maybe this is a bit rogue but I just feel like FJM is the type of dude who would be presented with a stupidly hot hot sauce and eat it in front of a large group of people to assert his dominance despite it meaning he won't be able to like, speak for approx. three days afterwards.

SORRY I'M TRYING TO DELETE (NB: I have never won a Grammy and am a mere blogger so who is the real winner tbh).

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