All the Terrible People You'll Meet on a Kanye-Themed Dating App

If Yeezy Dating—an upcoming dating site for Kanye fans—is our only pool to pick from, then Yeezus have mercy on our souls.
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Online dating has become more and more particular as society breaks off into smaller niches of interest. If there's a site where Trump supporters can connect to potentially boink each other, anything is possible. To that end, some higher level of Kanye stans among stans have created a site called Yeezy Dating that describes itself as "a dating site for fans of the genius Mr. Kanye West," implying some kind of sapiosexual bent of seeking out only those who can truly appreciate songs like "Drunk & Hot Girls."


The service has not launched yet (only early access is open), but if you're curious, we've prepped a handy guide to the many questionable personalities you'll likely find in the community, unique to the kind of site that asks dedicated Kanye West fans to join.

Standard Hypebeast

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Ex-Hypebeast Who Is Actually Trying to Resell Their Yeezys for $2,000

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Chance the Rapper Acolyte

Kardashian-Jenner Disciple

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A "You Don't Understand the Vision" Type

No, this picture is not repeated by mistake.

Editor of a Music Website

Person Who Will Not Stop Arguing With You That Yeezus Is the Best Kanye Album

"If you really listen to 'I'm in It,' you'll see how deep it is."

Person Who Dyes Their Hair Pink

Every Single Person Who Owns that Off-White Belt

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Person Who Watches Anime

"…but only the good ones, like 'Akira.' I don't like that moe shit."

Someone Who Works for Noisey

Travis Scott

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