DJ Khaled Might Be Trying to Trademark His Son's Name

Becoming the legal owner of the word "Asahd": major key alert!
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
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According to TMZ, DJ Khaled has filed to trademark Asahd, his son's name. Sorry, ASAHD. Anyway, don't know about you, but that's the exact sort of sentence I like to see kicking off a story. This news (if even real etc etc) is, of course, a god tier baller move and also probably a major key. Khaled's very public affection for his son is well-known. He even runs his Instagram, which I'm sure will be passed to Asahd himself in due course, perhaps during some sort of ceremony. And so this trademark attempt, reportedly on everything from jewelry to video games and keychains—feels like an extension of that. It is, in its way, quite sweet.


Khaled isn't the only celebrity to attempt a trademark on his child's name: back in 2012, JAY Z and Beyoncé trademarked Blue Ivy's name in the EU (the US application was denied), and, back in 2007, before Jay even bought his own color, officially, with Pantone (you've guessed it, it's a shade of blue.) The couple have also recently moved to trademark the names of their twins, Rumi and Sir Carter.

Elsewhere, celebrities have trademarked their own names: Beyoncé did it, and remember that legal battle between Kylies Minogue and Jenner? Taylor Swift even tried to trademark a bunch of phrases that spring up in her lyrics, including "this sick beat" and, uh, "party like it's 1989," back in 2015. Anyway: usually, the trademarking happens because people are trying to use the phrases for merchandising purposes (or, in the case of trademarking your kid's name, it "keeps other people and corporations from trying to profit off of it," according to Romper). Regardless, this hopefully means we'll get an Asahd merch line ASAP.

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