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A Soft, Glowing, Spiky Exhibition Explores the Allure of Neon Colors

Stephanie Chefas Projects presents a group show celebrating bright colors.
Meryl Pataky, Abstract Straights. All images courtesy the artists

There is something innately alluring about neon that draws the eye like a moth to a flame. Naturally exhibited on exotic animals and plants across the globe, neon colors have fascinated and inspired humanity for decades. Color in our world is important. Not only is it a phenomenon which attracts us and draws us towards something, but it also influences our feelings towards objects and is a critical component of self-expression. This June, Stephanie Chefas Projects presents Neon Love, a four-artist exhibition illustrating the exotic lure and beauty of neon colors.


Exhibited are artists Kristen Liu-Wong, Meryl Pataky, Erik Mark Sandberg, and Dan Lam. Each artist offers a distinct take on utilizing neon in the creation of art. Consequently, Neon Love is a visually diverse exhibition—a mixture of paintings, photos, sculptures and mixed media artwork. Curator Stephanie Chefas tells Creators, "I'm aiming for viewers to feel energized and inspired by the use of vibrant color and light. I'd also be thrilled if they walked away feeling like they experienced something fresh and unique."

Dan Lam, Girl About Town

Chefas has an affinity for color and is drawn to artwork that is visually layered, distinct in perspective, and which challenges the eye. Each artwork featured in Neon Love exhibits this aesthetic but also individually explores femininity, sexuality, and female beauty. "Each artist in Neon Love is exploring something different than the next," Chefas says. "To look beyond the colors is to find each artist exploring the standards of beauty, interconnectedness, and what it means to be female in the modern world."

Dan Lam, Soft Blush

When curating her shows, Chefas likes to incorporate artists who work in various mediums to provide an array of optical depths for her audience to enjoy. "Each artist is chosen to bring a unique vision, but are also picked because his or her inherent aesthetic suits the overall concept," Chefas explains. Exhibited is Dallas-based artist Dan Lam, best known for her outer space, dripping neon sculptures resembling exotic plants and animals. "Dan Lam's polymorphic sculptures are a delight for the senses; so vibrant in color and with multi-textural qualities," says Chefas. By using synthetic materials like polyurethane foam and acrylic to create naturally curvaceous shapes, Lam critiques contemporary society's ideas of female beauty.


Kristen Liu-Wong, Don't Tempt Me

In addition, Meryl Pataky's mixed media artwork is inspired by elements found on the periodic table and her views on universal connectedness. "Meryl Pataky brings a more literal interpretation to the show with her abstract neon sculptures. She does it in such a way that challenges your perception of neon art," Chefas explains.

Kristen Liu-Wong and Erik Mark Sandberg

The third artist showcased in Chefas's exhibition is Erik Mark Sandberg, who uses a variety of mediums and technologies to create his unorthodox work. Sandberg's imagery references the how technology often causes a disconnection between humanity and the natural environment. Additionally, his work explores what love means in our current consumerist culture. "Erik Mark Sandberg's bold color choices (fluorescents and neons) have a very manufactured, artificial quality which reinforces his exploration of today's consumer culture, celebrity idolatry and social dysfunction," Chefas explains.

Kristen Liu-Wong, The Falconer

"Last but not least are the candy-colored worlds that Kristen Liu-Wong's fearless females inhabit, which simultaneously complements and elevates each narrative," says Chefas. Liu-Wong's work examines the relationship between women and power. Sinister yet empowering, Lui-Wong creates vivid patterns which explore the dark side of female relationships.

Erik Mark Sandberg, Day at the Beach

Erik Mark Sandberg, Amber Shelf with Objects

Dan Lam, Soft Blush (left) and Erik Mark Sandberg, Beach Day (right)

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