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How Outlaw Country Keeps the Renegade Independent Spirit Alive

Through interviews with Margo Price, Nikki Lane, Shooter Jennings, and more, 'Under The Influence: Outlaw Country' explores the genre's origins in the American West to now.

Under the Influence, a Noisey documentary series that takes a deeper look at the stories and lasting impacts of the world's most influential music scenes, is back for a second season, brought to you by Pandora Premium. In the first episode, released last week, we looked at the enduring legacy of glam, tracing the lines from David Bowie to Lil Uzi Vert, Iggy Pop to Interpol. For our second episode, we dive into outlaw country, following its origins in the American West through to the renegades keeping its independent spirit alive today. We travel with Margo Price to Denver to discuss Willie Nelson's influence; Nikki Lane takes us to Stagecoach to look at outlaw country's continued success and potential; and we take a look at the influence of the pioneering Waylon Jennings through his son Shooter, and grandson, who combines country and hip-hop as Struggle Jennings. Watch the episode in full at the top of the page.


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