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David Byrne Working with Brian Eno and Oneohtrix Point Never on New Music

No word on when the new music will drop.
Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

In a Reddit AMA last Thursday, David Byrne revealed that he is currently working on new music with Brian Eno and Daniel Lopatin (aka Oneohtrix Point Never).

Byrne revealed the news when a redditor asked the famed musician about his songwriting process. "I go back and forth, last week I wrote words and a melody over a track that Daniel Lopatin sent me, so I change depending on the situation," Byrne said about his writing style.

Later, another user asked Byrne if he and Eno had plans to release another album together soon. "Brian helped me a LOT on a record I'm finishing up now," Byrne revealed.

Byrne also shared insight into some of the musicians he is currently listening to, including the Weeknd, Bon Iver and Sampha.

No word on when Byrne's new album will drop. Read the entire Reddit AMA here. Last year, we wrote about how Oneohtrix Point Never wants to make you hallucinate.