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Listen to a Brand New Burial EP Right Now

"Subtemple" sees the producer delving into the darker end of ambient.

Who are we talking about when we say: Nightbusses, distant memories of nights just passed, spliffs, Metal Gear Solid samples, rats gnawing on chicken bones, rain, Croydon. Oh, you guessed it after the first one. Well done you.

For anyone who hasn't already seen the headline, here's the news: there's a new Burial EP out right this second. Honestly, if you want more out of life on a dismal Friday than two new tracks from the man who makes putzing about with Ray J samples on Audacity seem like the best thing in the world, then frankly you're a spoilt brat.

The Subtemple EP, released as ever on Hyperdub, sees the London producer taking a leaf out of Wiley's devil mix playbook, taking out the usual UKG jitter and leaving bare, atmospheric bones. It's out now on digital and drops on vinyl next week. Stream both sides below: