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Behold the Irresistible Process of Mini Tempura Made in a Tiny Kitchen

Portion control at its cutest.
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The art of Japanese tempura is less of an art than many would think. The tools for the process can seem like a lot at first glance, but once you get a hang of them you could do it all in miniature! YouTube's favorite food shrinkers, the video team called Miniature Space, creates mini entrées, snacks, and cult-favorite dishes all within a setting right out of Honey I Shrunk the Kids. See them create whole meals from around the world in miniature settings with great skill and detail.


Check out with their soothing tempura demonstration, followed by a little carbonara, and finally a traditional Japanese pancake called okonomiyaki:



To see more from Miniature Space, watch all their videos on their YouTube page, here.


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