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Watch JME and Jeremy Corbyn Talk About the Future of Britain

The pair sat down for a coffee in north London.

You'll be aware of the work of Jamie Adenuga, AKA JME. The grime MC, FIFA enthusiast, founding member of Boy Better Know and proud vegan has never shied away from sharing his views on anything, from Eastenders to meat-eaters. But while he's always been outspoken, he's tended to steer clear from traditional party politics; he says he's never voted.

That all changed when Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the Labour party. Since then, JME has started to encourage people to vote and said he'd prefer a Corbyn government over a Theresa May one.

So i-D got JME and Corbyn to sit down have a chat about housing, education, apathy, and the future of Britain. You should watch that.

Now you're done, make sure to register to vote. You have until Monday the 22nd of May – next Monday – but you might as well do it now, because you're here and it takes less than five minutes. Click here and do that.