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Listen to an Unearthed Nicolas Jaar Remix of Kanye West's "Blood On the Leaves"

The remix was used to soundtrack a mini-documentary about artist Barbara Kruger.
February 12, 2016, 9:08pm
Photo courtesy of Los Angeles County Museum of Art

In 2014, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art honored the artist Barbara Kruger with a gala and mini-documentary about her work as part of an art and film series. Kruger's work, which consists of black and white photography with socially, and politically charged captions pasted over them, has had a massive influence on American pop culture. Just ask Supreme apparel.

For the documentary, Kruger narrates her start as an artist and waxes philosophical on being an "art world" artist. "There are so many visual practitioners whose work we don't know," she says in the clip, "and the reason is sometimes brutally arbitrary." Truer words are seldom spoken. Ironically, this Nicolas Jaar remix of "Blood On the Leaves" almost passed unnoticed by the larger public. Kruger had personally requested Kanye West's version to be the soundtrack. Instead, it seems that Jaar was tapped to remix the track for the film, which made its premiere at SXSW this past year.

On the eve of the release for Kanye's new album The Life of Pablo, Pitchfork received permission to post the Pippa Bianco-directed/Ways & Means-produced document in full, which includes the full Jaar remix of "Blood On the Leaves" intertwined with Kruger's narration.

Watch the documentary here.