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Lose Yourself in Benjamin Muñoz's Moody New Song "The Bonds That Fail Us"

The Hamilton-born, Bristol-based musician's solo cut is a "tune about indecision."
Courtesy of artist

While Hamilton, Ontario electro-pop group New Hands called it quits last year, it didn't take long for the band's keyboardist Benjamin Muñoz to embark on a solo career. Inspired by classical music, jazz, UK 2-step garage, and Japanese culture (including the video game Jet Set Radio), we've already heard his Bristol-based artist's first single "Anchors," and today we're premiering "The Bonds That Fail Us."


Described as a "tune about indecision," the track's beat is suitably downtempo, with somber piano and swirling vocal melodies.

"I made it in Bristol and was sick of bouncing back and forth between places, feeling indecisive over whether to stay or go," he tells THUMP. "But ultimately, it's about the catch-22 that underlies our relationships, how those closest to us have the most power to hurt us and vice versa."

Listen to it below and expect more music from Muñoz later this year.

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