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Saeed Younan Prepares You For Digital Dreams With His THUMP Guest Mix

The spirit of four-on-the-floor treats us with his live set from Memorial Day in Las Vegas.

Saeed Younan is irreproachable. He's the globetrotting headliner, the owner of his now 10-year-old Younan Music label, the spirit of four-on-the-floor, and one of the hardest working producer/DJs of his trade.

The Iraqi-born producer grew up with the influence of Middle Eastern percussion and a European groove. His own output is somewhat similar. Since weaning himself off the tribal side of percussion, Younan has honed a timelessness in his sound that keeps him in high demand. Elements of house, tech-house and techno make up the core of his ethos, but he's unafraid to tempt dancefloors with quirky surprises and touches of popular tunes.


Younan is set to play at Digital Dreams in Toronto this June and has graced us with an exclusive taste of his abilities. Back on Memorial Day weekend, May 25, Younan immersed Las Vegas' Light Nightclub in his live, slamming revelry for the launch of Carl Cox's residency night.

"I was honoured to be invited back by Carl Cox himself, who asked me to play his Vegas residency for the second year in a row," Younan tells THUMP. "I think our style and delivery really compliments each other. And he always enjoys the way I set it up for him, as you'll hear in this set."

For those caught BBQ-ing with mom and dad that weekend, Younan has presented us with the exclusive recording of his set from that evening. And it's much, much better than a BBQ.

Listen to the exclusive live recording of Saeed Younan's set at Light Nightclub in Las Vegas above.

Saeed Younan will be at Digital Dreams in Toronto on June 27 and 28. Grab your tickets here.

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