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Rabit Drops Mix That Includes an Arca Edit of Madonna's "Secret"

The mix comes on the eve of Rabit's newest release 'Excommunicate."
April 1, 2016, 5:44pm
Photo courtesy of the Rogue Agency

Rabit just uploaded a new mix to his Soundcloud, Pandemix X: Sweet Revenge, and in typical fashion for the Texas producer, he's studded it with rare gemstones and gold, including a brow-raising contribution by the Venezuelan producer Alejandro Ghersi, aka Arca.

In Ghersi's hands, Madonna's swoonful 1994 single "Secret," is slowed down to a drowsy crawl and assaulted with a digital glitch bomb beat. It appears around the 12-minute mark. Also included are a score of new Rabit cuts, including a collaboration with ANGEL-HO who also offers up a new track with ongoing collaborator Desire Marea, the dark and funky "To the Cunt." Listen to entire mix below.

Pandemix X: Sweet Revenge comes out in conjunction for the announced pre-order of Rabit's forthcoming self-release Excommunicate, which THUMP recently reported was a bit more meditative than the grimier work the producer is known for. Collector's may especially be interested to know that Excommunicate is limited to 50 copies. Get yours here.