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Colleen “Cosmo” Murphy Shares David Mancuso Tribute Mix

The Loft founder’s protégé turned in a two-hour session for Solid Steel Radio.
David Mancuso and Colleen Murphy (Photo by Dave Swindells)

Following the death of Loft founder and New York nightlife pioneer David Mancuso, one of his protégés, Colleen "Cosmo" Murphy, today shared a mix in tribute to him on Solid Steel Radio.

Murphy, the founder of record club Classic Album Sundays and co-founder of Lucky Cloud Loft Party, began attending Mancuso's legendary Loft parties in the early 90s and eventually was one of the few entrusted with DJing them herself. In a note accompanying the mix, she wrote: "His esoteric musical choices were one of the several reasons I got so involved with The Loft parties as we spoke the same musical language."

True to form, the two-hour session is a display of diverse music that gives listeners an idea of what Loft parties sounded like, featuring artists such as Bernie Krause, Francois Kevorkian, Brian Eno & David Byrne, Ozo, and Barrabas. Check out Murphy's mix below.

Shortly after Mancuso's death, she shared how he taught that being selfless is the ultimate act of rebellion. Tomorrow, Lucky Cloud will host an event celebrating Mancuso's life. For details and more information, head here.