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Actress Just Gave Away Four New Songs on Twitter

He may be releasing more soon.
Photo by Mehdi Lacoste

Fresh off announcing a new album last week, influential UK experimenter Actress took to Twitter today to give away some unreleased tracks. At the time of publishing, he's shared three via Sendspace, entitled "BOYZ," "13," "treF," and "Bass and Tone." The first is a repetitive and bouncy sound work, the second is a blistering techno tune, the third is a distorted noise composition, and the fourth is a hazy ambient piece.


Based on the album information encoded in the files, "BOYZ" is a Ghettoville outtake, "13" is from something called (Rough 2), and "treF" is from a project called Hszalps. "Bass and Tone" has no album information.

I'll be discarding some limbs shortly

— AZD (@ctress_a)March 22, 2017

His new album AZD will be released by Ninja Tune on April 14 and is available for pre-order; revisit the hyperreal and fragmented lead single "X22RME" here.

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