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123Mrk’s New Track “Gotta Choose” Makes Us Sway Through Genres

The Future Classic producer has your daily dose of originality.

It's common nowadays for producers to pledge that their music 'can't be defined by one specific genre.' But what if they listed off the numerous genres that do help to define their music, instead?

That's the way Paris producer 123Mrk has decided to do things. He defines his sound as―and I quote―"Future Garage Post Dubstep Hip-Hop Electro." No commas necessary. The hefty description is unpretentious and fun―a true testament to some of the music he releases.

123Mrk's newest track "Gotta Choose," has all the right parts that make up the perfect electronic music formula. By using a refreshing range of sound qualities, the smooth, vocal driven track begs for spot on an Urban Outfitters playlist.

Signed to the independent Australian label Future Classic, 123Mrk has been stirring up bass fuelled, original tracks that have given the label a unique flavor. It's clear that Future Classic works within the constraints of the post-dubstep and future garage scenes―123Mrk being case in point.

"Gotta Choose" will be released officially on December 19 on a Future Classic compilation work called Teen Idols. Until then, check out THUMP's exclusive premiere of the original track above.

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