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Native Instruments Are Announcing a New Product at WMC Tomorrow

And it's related to the German company's successful Traktor DJing software.
Photo courtesy of Native Instruments

Berlin-based DJ hardware, software, and fanboy-inspiring company Native Instruments will be announcing a new product at Winter Music Conference (WMC) tomorrow in Miami. According to sources within Native Instruments, the mysterious new offering will fall within their Traktor line of products and is just one of several large announcements to come from the company over the coming days.

While Native Instruments may lack Pioneer DJ's omnipresence in the club scene, they do appeal to a much wider range of customers. Pioneer's massively popular, hugely expensive, and recently Macbook-incompatible CDJs are the go-to for top tier musicians and venues (that can afford them), whereas Native Instruments' sturdy and relatively inexpensive all-in-one DJ mixers are priced to be affordable for any aspiring DJ without the need to use daddy's credit card.

Whatever the announcement is—drum machine, mixing software, bespoke flash drive, tamagotchi reboot—there's little doubt given the company's track record that we won't enjoy it. Curious fans can tune into their live broadcast featuring DJs Dubfire, MK, and Uner from Red Bull Guest House at 9pm EST.

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