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Solomun's White Isle Journals No. 1: The Ibiza Party Season Kicks Off

"In Ibiza you are not supposed to talk about afterparties, but one thing I can say: More or less everything the people say is true."

Welcome to my White Isle Journals, where you'll get an inside look at my life in Ibiza during my Solomun +1 residency this summer at Pacha.

Every week, I'll give you an inside look at a whole season of Ibiza life. Then, I'll pick my own +1 from the island to show you a little more about the beating heart of the White Isle––The people. Lastly, I'll pick the track that took over the airwaves for me. There's so much going on, and on this party Island, you tend to forget fast. That's why I wanted to write a little bit about it!


An aerial shot of Dalt Vila, where the yearly IMS parties kick off the Ibiza season.

My start in this years Ibiza summer was great: me and my management team had dinner together with Sven Väth and his Cocoon team at a very nice restaurant in Marina Botafoch, called Il Giardinetto. Since one of the waitresses working there is a German called Gabi, we only call the place "Chez Gabi."

After Dinner, we went together to Dalt Villa, the old town of Ibiza which is an UNESCO World Heritage site, where the IMS Parties always mark the beginning of the season here. I played after Damian Lazarus with his fantastic new live project and before Sven. Like always, it was nice to see so many well-known faces from the industry and of course a lot of friends.

Shots from Solomun +1, where Adriatique joined the Diynamic don last week.

And the opening of my Solomun+1 residency at Pacha on Sunday after was overwhelming. I don't know how to describe this better. For me it was like homecoming, that's why I totally wanted Adriatique to be my +1-guest for this night––because they are like family to me.

After Pacha we went to a nice villa in Es Cavalet for an afterparty. The house sits on a hill with an amazing panoramaic view over the seaside. We had fresh juices, coconuts, food and of course music. What else happened on that afterparty? In Ibiza you are not supposed to talk about afterparties, but one thing I can say: More or less everything the people say is true.

Introducing Alex Goldbaum, Solomun's +1

"Alex seems to be one of the few people on this Island who is always sober. He takes care of clients, and for that he also drives a lot with them over the Island to check out real estate, so it's better to be sober. And I heard he has quite a way with the ladies. I guess that's understandable. He's quite an attractive guy I think. I guess he could have a lot of things to tell – let's see if he is in the right mood today."


Where do you come from?
From Russia, from the region around Sotchi. When I was 16 years old I moved to Germany with my parents. At the age of 24, I drove around Europe with a Hippie-Bus and then stayed in Ibiza.
Why Ibiza?
It just felt like home instantly.
Why a Solomun party?
First because of the music and lots of my friends are there so it is pretty much like a family meeting in the first place. And lots of my clients love to party there too.
What will you do after finishing this interview?
I gonna meet some of my clients and I hope that afterwards I can make it to the beach for some swimming, because it is quite hot today.

Alex's Experience Partying with Solomun:

"At the afterparty, it happened that we all were chilling together on the terrace of the house. Outside, the music was pumping and it was quite hot on the dancefloor, so most of the people were dancing and hiding under one improvised awning.

Solomun obviously needed a short break after DJing all night, but wanted to chill more, so it was more of a family vibe with no words needed to understand each other. After this break, I saw him with a bottle of white wine on the dancefloor, laughing with all the people. For me it was one of the most intense moments of the after-party and I am sure I was not alone.

Another great memory is from last year where he played on a private party for the birthday of a good friend. This was one of the best parties I have ever been to. There were maybe 40 people outside of a villa and they were dancing the whole night under the stars.

I could say a lot from Pacha, but honestly, I don't want that. Because the funny line "What goes on Ibiza stays on Facebook" is obviously not totally true, e.g. in the Pacha VIP you are not allowed to film, because I guess this could be dangerous for some marriages afterwards.


Solomun's "Ibiza Tune of the Week"

"We didn't only hear this tune in Clubs but also the day before yesterday at a beach club in the afternoon. And I have to say: A track that really works everywhere."

Next week, Dubfire joins Solomun at Pacha, and we delve deeper in the eternal party that is summer season in Ibiza.

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