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Pop a Cherry and Pour One Out: Pacha NYC Is Closing Its Doors

After ten years and a whole lotta sweat, it's all coming to a close with a ton of epic music.

Pop a cherry (or magnum bottle of Dom P) and pour one out, because Pacha NYC is closing their doors after 10 years of fist-pumpin' debauchery. According to a blog post from the nightclub's official page, Saturday December 12 will mark the start of a series of closing performance at the Ibiza-born, Meatpacking district-located haunt, which first opened their doors in the Big Apple in 2000, and will be headlined by local legend Erick Morillo.


Shortly following will be a month-long celebration featuring the likes of Puff Daddy, Carnage, and Markus Schulz, stretching into January of 2016. Along the way, the club will host an official NYE party, with a 72-hours-long classics set from club veteran Jonathan Peters, organizer of the venue's lauded pajama-party, and a series of closing parties which promise to be a who's who of stars from the past and present. If the building, or any humans, are left standing after that…maybe someone will make a speech?

See below for the official statement from the club, and better start you disco nap now.

_"The average nightclub lasts 18 months – we lasted 120," says Pacha New York's president, Eddie Dean._ _"It's been a wild ride that none of us will ever forget. Our final parties will celebrate the different artists, styles, and scenes that have made Pacha great."_

Just how major has Pacha's run been? The numbers don't lie:

6 million fans gracing our dance floor for over 12,000 hours. That's more than 1,500 shows over 500 weeks. We've had many marriages, quite a few divorces, and at least 522 babies conceived. Fans have burned close to 10 billion calories over ten years, while our barbacks have ran nearly 10 thousand miles (burning a million calories), carrying over 2 million bottles of alcohol (enough to fill 2 Olympic sized swimming pools!).