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Steve Angello is Going to Collaborate with Kids on His New Album

If Martin Garrix and Madeon are cool, but a little too old for your tastes––watch this space.
July 1, 2015, 7:45pm

When ex-Swedish House Mafioso isn't upgrading Las Vegas residencies or having his visage painted on Sriracha bottles, he's grooming the next wave of EDM stars with his Size Records imprint.

No, we're not talking about old codgers like Max Vangeli or Junior Sanchez, we mean like the next next wave. Angello is inviting kids of 15 years and under to enter a remix competition for his prog-house crossover tune "Children of the Wild," off his forthcoming debut solo album Wild Youth.

The winning remix will be featured on the album itself, therein turning some junior high kid into the most baller tween on the planet. Two vocal stems have been released, one with the main hook and another with a children's choir. All info here.

So, if Martin Garrix and Madeon were cool, but a little too old for your tastes, watch this space. Kidz Bop, this ain't. Hopefully.

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