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Wild Out With Your Girlfriends to "Commie Mommie," a Feminist Party Anthem From Nire, Maluca, and Nani Castle

The New York City producer chose to work exclusively with other women on her debut album 'Radika.'

"Commie Mommie" is the first video off Radika, the debut album from New York City-based producer Nire. Directed by the virtual dream-team Lil Government and Lil Internet, the video features Nire and two other ferocious female talents: Staten Island rapper Nani Castle and "tropical punk" artist Maluca, who was discovered by Diplo during a chance karaoke session. This formidable trio runs through the streets of New York City chanting the lyrics to their rowdy party song: They call me a commie mommie, but they want to run to mommy. Lil Government expands on this sentiment over email: "Strong women are constantly faced with the double-edged sword of their allure inspiring fear in those who are drawn to them."


"Commie Mommie" gets its title from a girl group Maluca created with Nani Castle and her cousin in 2000. "It was was built as an inclusive platform for women to express their anger, activism, humor, and feminity. A commie mommie can be any woman!" Maluca says. "As the daughter of an exile and political activist, I feel a certain responsibility to make music that inspires progressive movement and revolution," adds Nani Castle. "My verse is inspired by my mother who is a fierce believer in justice and equality."

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The message of female empowerment in "Commie Mommie" is also threaded throughout Radika, which is out September 18 via Nature Sounds. "I chose to work with all women artists for this project as a natural inclination, but also to create a new type of experience for myself and the artists who frequently only have the choice to work with men in the studio," explains Nire. "I wanted to expand options… and it's just fun as fuck to work with other women!"

Radika is out September 18 via Nature Sounds. Grab your copy here.