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Soulwax Share Previously Unreleased Scene From 'Belgica'

Watch the trippy video for “Cybernetic Permutations in the Key of A” by fictional act Danyel Galaxy.
April 5, 2016, 4:58pm

Belgian indie dance duo Soulwax recently composed a soundtrack for the film Belgica, directed by Felix van Groeningen. The film centres around two brothers who run a venue, and Soulwax invented 16 fictional bands to perform at the imaginary nightclub. However not all the performances made it into the film, so now the band has released the clip for one of those scenes: electronic act Danyel Galaxy performing "Cybernetic Permutations in the Key of A" as a music video.


"A true cosmic wizard, the local Tim Blake if you will," is how Soulwax described Galaxy to THUMP. "For his sole (daytime) concert at Belgica, they had to close the club the night before just so he could sound check every single machine. This piece was also used years later on national TV as the intro for a science programme."

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