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DJ Sneak Says He Doesn't Care About the Future of Fabric Nightclub

Producer Steve Mac captured a since-deleted Instagram post from DJ Sneak with the words #idon'tcare.
Screenshot via YouTube.

DJ Sneak has made a reputation for his outspoken, occasionally offensive remarks. Now, he's come under fire for his opinions regarding the future of Fabric nightclub, and he's not apologizing for it. Fabric remains closed after its license was suspended and pending a police investigation of the deaths of two 18-year-old men.

British musician and producer Steve Mac captured a now-deleted Instagram post from DJ Sneak which included an image of the Fabric logo and #idon'tcare. "You can't hide from your posts," Mac wrote on his Facebook post of DJ Sneak's Instagram image.


Never one afraid for confrontation, DJ Sneak has owned up to the post and called out the media outlets who've reported on it, too. He first took to his Twitter account to air his opinion. "All you weak ass online blah blah blah websites can go shuv it in your arse," he wrote.

You all love shit talking but I still don't care. My opinions are not for all. Don't like it. Unfollow keep you trash to yourselves

— DJ SNEAK (@DJ_Sneak)August 26, 2016

All you weak ass online blah blah blah websites can go shuv it in your arse. You are all weak. The reason the music industry is whack!pulse!

— DJ SNEAK (@DJ_Sneak)August 27, 2016

Since then, DJ Sneak has written a longer Facebook post addressing his haters. "Well guess what I still don't care," he began. "I will not apologize for any comments. If you don't like my comments posts and opinions utilize your right to Unfriend Delete Block."

Despite his opinion, many inside and outside of the nightlife industry have thrown their support for the nightclub. London Mayor Sadiq Khan has urged authorities to find a way to keep Fabric open and a petition now has more than 80,000 signatures.