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The Best Things We Saw on the Dance Music Internet Last Week

From dance floor romance to Frankie Knuckles, here's our list of the best things for the week.

1. The science behind hearing and hearing loss

XLR8R unveils the first of a three-part series exploring the machinations of hearing.

2. Julia Kent

FACT meets New York City-based cellist Julia Kent at Mutek.

3. A conversation between DJ Jazzy Jeff and Skratch Bastid

The two talk BBQs, hot sauce, and cultivating the next generation of young producers.

4. The original Pokemon soundtrack performers

Billboard looks at the sort of unknown performers who were part of the original soundtrack for Pokemon. Select artists include Vicki Sue Robinson of "Turn the Beat Around" and Amuka.


5. Tam Tam Tam Reimagined

DJ and radio host Gilles Peterson's latest Brazilian music compilation reimagines songs from the 1958 album Tam… Tam… Tam! by Brazilian musician, José Prates.

6. Love on the dance floor

These five couples found love (just like Rihanna) in a hopeless place–aka the sweaty, dance-fueled club.

7. Dance music tattoos

There are a LOT of really bad ones and a handful of good ones.

8. Mixmag meets Madam X

The 24-year-old DJ has created a new label imprint focusing on grime, garage, dubstep and UK funky.

9. PillReports

This review site focuses on ecstasy.

10. Theaster Gates' Frankie Knuckles exhibition

Artist Theaster Gates already houses the Frankie Knuckles record archive at his Stony Island Arts Bank on the South Side of Chicago. Now, the conceptual and performance-based artist has crafted a new exhibition (How To Build a House Museum) that examines blackness, freedom and the history of house music.