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The Owner of Bossa Nova Civic Club Is Planning a New Nightlife Venue in Williamsburg

Details are sparse, but John Barclay looks to make this a combined nightclub, concert hall, and restaurant​.
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John Barclay, the owner of Bushwick's beloved Bossa Nova Civic Club, is hoping to open a new 1,300-person venue in Williamsburg that will function as a nightclub, concert hall, and restaurant. On Wednesday night he began applying for the endeavor's liquor license, filing for a warehouse at 198 Randolph Street in the Brooklyn neighborhood's industrial zone, reports DNAinfo.

The entrepreneur has just begun the permitting process, so he's still in the early stages of putting the venture together. "We are trying to follow every possible rule and we are very open to any input from the [local] community board," he said to the publication.

There has been controversy between that community board and club music culture recently, as the Brooklyn Mirage venue known for its CityFox parties was shut down in June for a number of safety violations, following conflict with the board over issues relate to liquor licensing.

Barclay was initially involved with a DJ brunch spot in Bushwick called Juno, which opened in December 2015, but left the endeavor this year.

Barclay did not respond to THUMP's request for comment.

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