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Flying Lotus Makes Off-Color Comment About Hillary Clinton During Oakland Show

Some audience members were upset over the comments.
Photo by Simon Fernandez, courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

Flying Lotus has no problem mixing music with politics.

During a concert in Oakland last night, the famed producer reportedly began his set making comments about the number of men in the audience and against Donald Trump. According to witnesses and recorded video, he later made a comment in reference to Hillary Clinton, former President Bill Clinton, and his relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

So — Mariecar Mendoza (@SFMarMendoza)September 17, 2016


"I couldn't possibly vote for a woman who doesn't give an awesome blowjob," the producer said, before adding, "I'm just kidding." It was a moment that did not go over well for some audience members who took to Twitter to express their displeasure.

I was with him through 'It's 2016, you can't be a scumbag anymore' but we must've been on different levels there

— Adam Florin (@adamflorin)September 17, 2016

(Cont) Flying Lotus started the set by saying he couldn't vote for a woman who couldn't give a good b job. — Nina Walia (@missmodular)September 17, 2016

— Greta (@nochill_gret)September 17, 2016

— Adam Florin (@adamflorin)September 17, 2016

Since then, the producer has taken to his Twitter. Although he does not directly reference the incident, he said, "The more PC and scared everyone gets, the more I love having a microphone to say some depraved shit u need to hear." He later encouraged his followers to "Vote Hillary."

Vote Hillary ?

— FLYLO (@flyinglotus)September 17, 2016

The more PC and scared everyone gets, the more I love having a microphone to say some depraved shit u need to hear — FLYLO (@flyinglotus)September 17, 2016

Maybe not. Try just in case tho. — FLYLO (@flyinglotus)September 17, 2016

That feeling when you're a sad puckering asshole voting Hillary anyway. — FLYLO (@flyinglotus)September 17, 2016

This is not the first time the producer has made controversial comments. In June, he made comments equating the treatment of producers from rappers as "rape," writing, "hella rap artists are rape artists." His series of tweets received backlash online.

We've reached out to Flying Lotus for a comment. In April, Flying Lotus produced a Bernie Sanders endorsement track by Smoke DZA.