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Just Blaze & Baauer "Higher" Feat. JAY Z (Official Short Film)

One of hip-hop's biggest producers and the "Harlem Shake" mastermind come together with Nabil for an Indian martial arts epic.

It's not a clip. It's not a video. Nawww, dude. This is the official MINI-MOVIE for Just Blaze and Baauer's trap-running anthem "Higher" (featuring JAY Z), which you've been eagerly awaiting for the last six months while all your favorite DJs bang the **** out of it. Once you watch this epic, you will definitely be like "Damn son, where'd you find this?"… and then probably smash a mirror or two.

Directed by Nabil—who has shot the most compelling videos for the likes of Kanye West, James Blake, and Frank Ocean—this visual takes "Higher" to the next level. Shot in Kerala, India, it features multiple generations of fierce Kalaripayattu warriors battling it out. Yes, while you were at home on YouTube teaching yourself to twerk, Nabil was out there in the jungle fighting mosquitos and monsoon season to make this epic mini-movie of ancient martial arts.


The song "Higher" is also out today, and it's the first release on the just-relaunched Priority Records label. (Priority was the home of gangster rap in the late '80s and '90s, unleashing your favorite records by NWA, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Master P.) You can go buy it here. And if you can't get enough Baaaaaaaauer, win tickets to see him at Electric Zoo—visit the Higher website to find out how.