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Someone Finally Made a Documentary about the Infamous Techno Viking

Find out the story behind dance music's most infamous meme.
Techno Viking

He is as famous as he is muscular. He is as muscular as he is awesome. He is none other than the Techno Viking. Bow before his glory. His dance maneuvers at the world-famous Fuckparade around the turn of the millennium carry within them all of the unspoken rules of raving. Mr. Viking was even one of the first memes to hit the Internet, but has lived in mystery since then. That is, until today.

We Spoke with the Director of the Techno Viking Documentary


First seen in the year 2000 via a viral clip called "Kneecam No.1," Techno Viking came to light in the name of "experimental video art" thanks to director Matthias Fritsche. Now, fifteen years later, Fritsche has successfully crowd-funded a campaign to release a complete documentary about the viral rise of the Technoviking himself so the rest of us can get some insight into what the fuck was actually going on in Germany that day so long ago.

Countless remixes, reinterpretations, and even a lawsuit from the Technoviking himself later, it's all coming to light via a deep dive into one of the most gloriously strange things to ever hit the web.

Bask in all its glory below, and be warned—this shit is probably NSFW:

The Story Of Technoviking - Short Version - English Subtitles from Matthias Fritsch on Vimeo.