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The Rumors about Pep & Rash Are True

All of them.

Spinnin' Records act Pep & Rash exploded to life a few months ago, commandeering the future house aesthetic with a slew of releases that culminated in their Tchami bootleg graduating to an official cut and their video for "Rumors" going worldwide. They've gone from bootleggers to gamechangers in a few short months by aggressively laying claim to one of today's hottest sounds.

The dutch duo first popped on SoundCloud nine months ago with their grooving, minimalist bootleg of Tchami's "Promesses" hitting six digits, earning a deal with Spinnin' in the process. A couple months later, an ID-less track named "Rumors" with an eerily similar sound hit the internet. It started getting support from major players from all over the spectrum – Everyone from Afrojack to The Magician were dropping it and the theories began to fly. It couldn't be Marin Garrix. Was it Oliver Heldens?


No. It was Pep & Rash, who catapulted to future house relevancy with the disclosure of their name. "The Spinnin' promo team wanted to hype 'Rumors' up like that," the duo tell THUMP. "The whole scheme fit the track's title too – loads of rumors going round, lots of people not sure who the producer behind the track was. It was great to see. We were just watching everything happen from the sidelines."

The duo have also undergone the remix rinse from big room progenitor Quintino, and their Eyes Wide Shut-esque video for "Rumors" is well over 2 million plays. The duo try to explain their positioning: "We like to combine elements from different house genres and created a sound of our own," they explain. "That's what it's all about, not following trends but trying to build something new. House music evolves very quickly, almost every year actually. We just make what we love and our sound will evolve with time as well."

Oh yeah…And we can confirm another rumor. Pep's dad was in the 1970s Dutch psych-pop band Shocking Blue, who famously wrote the song "Venus," y'know, the one from the lady razor commercials:

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