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Hear Josh Wink’s New Track from Upcoming 'Soma25' Label Anniversary Album

The Scottish institution celebrates 25 years of techno with a compilation box set.
Photo courtesy of Jos Kottman.

This year, the Glasgow label Soma celebrates 25 years of making music and fostering some of the most influential electronic acts of the last few decades. Run by the techno duo Slam, as well as friends Glenn Gibbons and Dave Clarke, Soma has helped cement and continually evolve Europe's techno sound since the early nineties. The label is also responsible for launching the careers of iconic artists including then little-known French duo Daft Punk in 1994.


To celebrate their anniversary, Soma will release Soma25, a 5x12" vinyl box set which features original tracks and remixes of Soma classics from label-affiliated artists such as Blawan, Robert Hood, and Daft Punk.

While Soma25 comes out at the end of the month, today Soma shared with THUMP a new track from the compilation by veteran acid techno DJ Josh Wink, "Synodic Period." A master of understated momentum, Wink adds and subtracts sonic layers on "Synodic Period" that keep it peaceful, energizing, and surprising throughout—a feat for any track, let alone Wink's nearly 11 minute long creation.

"I have been friends with the Scottish Soma crew since the mid 90's. I've spent time with them in their city, at their events and even on their couches over the past 2 decades," said Wink in an email to THUMP. "It made sense to do a special composition out of love for my old friends and their revered record label. Congratulations!"

Soma25 will be available for purchase on March 31st. You can see the full track list and pre-order the compilation on the Soma website.