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Ride an 8-Bit Rocket with Lazerdisk's Remix of Anamanaguchi's "Endless Fantasy"

The LA duo bring the chiptunes anthem to a cartoonishly cute new level.
Chad and Zack of Lazerdisk, presumably spending time with two things they love most

Unless you were a child of the 80s, you've probably never lived and died by the tile-based games of the 8- and 16-bit era. Yet, video game nostalgia is thriving, and there's no greater testament to its influence on today's dance music than the glitchy overdrive of chiptune quartet Anamanaguchi. This Lazerdisk remix of their sweeter-than-aspartame hit "Endless Fantasy" was first teased in Anamanaguchi's Mixmas for THUMP back in December—but now you've got the full version to digest. Riding through a cartoonish 8-bit atmosphere, the remix ramps up the cutesiness with snare buildups and squeaky synths that practically emit rainbow trails. If you don't have the stomach for bubblegum pop, step away slowly.