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Warlock's Packing the Heavily Contorted Post-Footwork on this Killer Mix

Get ready for 45 minutes of madness.

Rag & Bone records boss Warlock's co-headlining We Buy Gold x Forever tonight at Dalston's esteemed Birthdays venue with DJ Paypal playing an exclusive 160 bpm set which is going to be pretty, pretty wild. In advance of that, he's thrown this next level mix together to get us all jumped and pumped up in preparation.

"I guess this mix is essentially the intersection of fast and slow beats that are twisting my ears at the moment," he told us. "It's not really an all-in-one manifesto for any particular sound but just a a global hodge-podge of some great forward thinking riddims. There's former dubsteppers doing essentially faster variants, D&B maestros heavily halving it and then on top of that, there's some heavily contorted post-footwork workouts in there if there is such a thing." We'll take Warlock's word for it

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