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Listen To A Well Naughty Slice of Indian Techno

Star of THUMP's new electronica in India documentary, get an exclusive listen to Arjun Vagale's new single

To celebrate the arrival of a new documentary on India's Electronic Music Scene, one of the stars of the doc, Arjun Vagale, a central figure within the scene and a veteran techno producer, has blessed us with an exclusive of upcoming single 'Total Recall'. As you may notice on first listen, in Delhi they like they're techno hard, lean and diamond-sharp. We're booking our flights today.

Arjun Vagale, who, not content with just being a pioneering techno DJ and producer, has set up two companies to solidify India's electronic scene. The first is an academy - created with his brother - called ILM which aims to teach young people how to DJ and make their own music. The second is Unmute, a management company that he runs with his business partner Dev Bhatia.


You'll notice there's little of India's florid, fecund national culture in Arjun's music. In fact, it's the barren monochromatic spareness of the Euro cityscape that the Indian takes his inspiration from. The man's a junky for all things Berlin, so much so that he began operating out of the city every summer. As a self-proclaimed counter-culturist, the home of stern techno and the legendary Berghain is a natural draw for Vagale, who most definitely has a bit of a dark side. After Euro clubbers embraced whirling house banger ''She Said" in 2010, Vagale's been courted by Fergie (releasing music of Fergie's label Excentric Muzik), Richie Hawtin and Carl Cox, who licensed the track for his 2012 'Space Ibiza' mix

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'Total Recall' comes as part of a double-A side with 'It's Like That' and is out on Tronic on August 25.

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