How to Make Banoffee Paella, the Cronut Guy's Latest Frankendessert

How to Make Banoffee Paella, the Cronut Guy's Latest Frankendessert

The Cronut inventor has done it again, and now you can make this wildly delicious dessert at home.
November 14, 2016, 6:00pm

Remember 2013? That carefree time before all our favorite oddball musicians started dying and cartoon villains were elected as world leaders. We had the hours and untainted joie de vivre to wile away playing Candy Crush or take an actual invested interest in the lives of celebrities' pet monkeys. Oh, and we went totally crazy for inconsequential pastry items. Namely, the croissant-doughnut hybrid known as the Cronut.

RECIPE: Banoffee Paella

But much like careful diplomacy and good hair, Cronuts have become so out of date. Nowadays, it's all about banoffee paella, the latest Frankendessert from Mr. Cronut himself, Dominique Ansel.

You may wonder what business seafood, rice, and toffee have doing in the same bowl, but hear us out. The famed French baker's dish gets its name from the paella pan he uses caramelize the bananas. The rest of the banoffee paella is just like a traditional banoffee pie—only supercharged with a cookie crust base, rum-infused caramel pieces, and a decadent dulce de leche filling.

In other words: all the creamy, sugar-laden, full-fat things we need to help us crawl through the last weeks of this godforsaken year. Oh 2013, we hardly knew ye.