How Unusual Are Your Sexual Fantasies? Take This Quiz to Find Out

You may not be as freaky as you think.
February 23, 2017, 6:06pm

We've all got our kinks. Some of us want to watch two women make out, others want to be filmed having sex or, you know, pissed on. Have you ever wondered if the things you crave behind closed doors are actually that unusual? You may not be as freaky as you think.

Christian Joyal, a professor of psychology the University of Quebec compiled nationwide data for Canada, covering a wide range of sexual fantasies from piss play to exhibitionism and everything in between. He found that many fantasies were more common than expected—say, that 72.5 percent of men reported fantasizing about having sex with an unknown person, while 48.9 percent of women did, or that a full 82 percent of people get excited about getting it on in a bathroom, office, or other public place.

Take the quiz yourself* to see how your fantasies match up to other quiz-takers, and scroll down to see how they compare to Canada's averages.

*All language (even the gnarly stuff) was taken directly from Joyal's research.