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This Map of the Most Googled Super Bowl Foods Says a Lot About America

American excess has never been more clearly mapped out.

If ever there were a chance to gaze upon the id of American cuisine it would be on that most sacrosanct Sunday in February: The Super Bowl. While our tastes have changed over the years, there remains a sort of primal immutability to this football menu.

We engage our hands like on no other day of the year, eschewing forks and knives, and sucking the grease from our outstretched fingers. Chilis, chips, and dips of all colors and viscosities will abound, as will a vaunted array of chicken wings in sauces from mild to Super Extreme Sweet Thai.


And thanks to our soon-to-be overlords at Google, this picture of American excess could not be more clear. The company recently unveiled a map of each state's most-searched food items leading up to the Super Bowl.

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Of course, there are the mainstays that we've come to expect: tangy, spicy cheese queso; the always banal spinach dip; and jalapeño poppers.

However, there are plenty of regional variations and oddities worth noting, and after pouring over the map you're sure to ask yourself questions like, "What is it about Nevada that makes everyone want to eat spherical pieces of cake while watching football?" Or "How did I get this far in life without tasting something called a 'bacon cheese ball?'"


Hawaii is most interested in grilled liempo, a delicious preparation of pork belly, which has me lamenting the fact that a state an ocean away from the nearest pro football team eats better during the Super Bowl than the rest of us.

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Bastion of freedom, Texas, wants to know how to make those adorable little football shaped cupcakes.

Apparently, S'mores is a Super Bowl food in Kansas. God help us if they are the lazy microwave variety.

The most original award goes to Ohio for "pulled pork pita nachos." I don't know what those are, but I would put them in my face.

Check out the complete list below:

Alabama: Porchetta Alaska: Spinach quiche Arizona: Cornbread cake Arkansas: Cheese dip California: Cupcakes Colorado: Queso dip Connecticut: Cupcakes Delaware: Chili Florida: Spinach artichoke dip Georgia: Pico de gallo Hawaii: Grilled liempo (pork belly) Idaho: Mac and cheese Illinois: Buffalo chicken dip Indiana: Pulled pork Iowa: Artichoke dip Kansas: S'mores Kentucky: Bean salsa Louisiana: Crabmeat, shrimp and spinach Dip Maine: Spinach caesar salad Maryland: Italian meatballs Massachusetts: Buffalo chicken dip Michigan: Hamburger sliders Minnesota: Chili Missouri: Chili Mississippi: Sweet potato shepherd's pie Montana: Buttermilk biscuits Nebraska: Chicken wings Nevada: Cake pops New Hampshire: tacos New Jersey: Buffalo wings New Mexico: Fried jalapeño poppers New York: Jalapeño poppers North Carolina: Buffalo wings North Dakota: Jalapeño poppers Ohio: Pulled pork pita nachos Oklahoma: Oven mac and cheese Oregon: Tater tot casserole Pennsylvania: Buffalo chicken dip Rhode Island: Bean dip South Carolina: Pepperoni dip South Dakota: Creamy chicken casserole Tennessee: Buffalo chicken Texas: Football cupcakes Utah: Chicken broccoli casserole Vermont: Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies Virginia: Buffalo chicken dip Washington: Baked chicken wings West Virginia: Bacon cheese ball Wisconsin: Buffalo chicken dip Wyoming: Homemade Oreo cookies